Bioreactors – Model Techfors

general specifications

Pilot Bioreactors – Model Techfors

There are practically no limits on flexibility with regard to design and operation, since each pilot bioreactor model is built individually according to your needs. You specify the requirements we implement them after performing a thorough feasibility study.


Vessels up to 1000 L
Working volume up to 660 L
Dimensions (W x D x H) Depending on specification
Drive Depending on specification
Temperature up to 79 °C for temperature control; up to 125 °C for sterilisation
Gassing per vessel Depending on specification
Pumps per vessel 3 fixed, 1 variable, optional 2 additional
Ports per vessel Depending on specification
Connectivity OPC XML DA via Ethernet
Parallel operation via touch screen controller 1 base unit
Sterilisation Sterilisation-in-Place