Cell Cultivation System – Model Cellroll

general specifications

Cultivation System – Model Cellroll INTEGRA BIOSCIENCES
The modular system for laboratory-scale cell cultivation

The CELLROLL and CELLSPIN systems are based on a modular assembly concept that allows you to configure and combine

the two instruments according to your needs. Using only one control unit it is possible to operate two CELLROLL drive units or

two CELLSPIN stirring platforms or a combination of one instrument each. The control unit automatically recognises the type of

instrument connected and allows you to independently store ten different cell cultivation programs for each unit.

Adaptable to specific needs

The modular design of the CELLROLL allows scale-up of bottle

capacity from 4 to 16 roller bottles. By using two drive units

up to 32 roller bottles can be operated using one control unit

only. The customised configuration of CELLROLL increases

flexibility and efficiency of the lab.

Optimised for cell cultivation

Successful growth of cells in roller bottles often relies on optimal

rolling speed and therefore the CELLROLL allows fine-tuning

of the rotation speed. The standard drive unit operates in a

speed range from 0.1 to 2 rpm and is adjustable in steps of 0.1

rpm. The faster drive unit rotates the roller bottles with 2 to 6

rpm (adjustable in steps of 0.5 rpm).

To avoid unnecessary shear stress, all the rolls of the instrument

are turning on high-quality ball-bearings free of vibrations

and are driven by a stepper motor which guarantees a completely

smooth rolling start and stop


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